Community During a Pandemic

Community During a Pandemic

Despite the current world situation, I want to take this time to welcome newcomers to the ATX Game Makers community and introduce its brand new community driven blog!  When I first set out to build the ATX Game Makers community my goal was pretty straight forward: 

“Help minorities and underrepresented people get into the games industry by way of making games or joining a studio.”

This is still a large part of my focus when I am not directly active in the community discord. I am usually working on someone’s resume or holding a mock interview for practice. In fact that is what you will come to find in our community, people helping people. However, since we are all facing this pandemic together ATX Game Makers has shifted more towards providing a place of escape and a space that helps you refocus on your goals. I encourage you to join our community by jumping in our discord server, which you can find here:

This brings us to the new community driven blog. Having an outlet to present your work or your knowledge can be crucial in not only helping you personally grow, but the people reading it as well. Similar to ATX Game Makers’ Instagram, Twitter, and Sound Cloud accounts, this blog will be a platform for a broad variety of community members to be heard!  Will we have content from people just starting their journey to build their dream game to people joining the company they always dreamed about.

So if you are new here… stay awhile and listen. 

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